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Bridge School

Beginning Bridge
For the True Beginner
These classes are for brand new players or those wanting an understanding of bidding fundamentals using Standard American bidding.

Beginning Bridge Series
BB I - Introduction to Bidding
BB II - Competitive Bidding
BB III - Conventions
BB IV - How To Play A Bridge Hand
BB V - Defense

BB IV - Play of the Hand
Monday, November 13th - 9:30 AM

BB I - Introduction to Bidding
Monday, January 8th - 9:30 AM

BB II - Competitive Bidding
Monday, February 5th - 930 AM

BB III - Conventions
Monday, March 5th - 930 AM


Bridge Lesson/Game
(for apprehensive/nervous players
who want to improve their skills! )

Supervised Play
Thursday ~ Noon - 3:00 PM

Intermediate Bridge Game
Mondays, 7 PM
Wednesdays, 11:30 AM

Easybridge Bridge
(for newer players)
Thurs - Noon-3 PM

Intermediate Bridge Game
Saturdays, 9:30 AM

Monday Newplicate Bridge
Mondays - 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Starts Mon, July 31st
Every Monday @ 9:30
For those beginner players new to duplicate and needing guidance.


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including some Hand Analysis!

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Our Club Policy on Zero Tolerance
(Website explaining Zero Tolerance)

No Zeros Thursday Open Pairs Game
Every Thursday Pairs 10:30 AM!
Thursday, December 7th - 10:30 - $40 Jackpot
Each Pair with no Zeros and no Halves splits the Jackpot!

999'er Swiss Teams
(Silver MP's)

Friday, November 17th - 9:30 AM!

San Diego Unit Game
Sunday, December 19th - 1:00 PM
Open & 999er Stratified Pairs

November Silver Swiss Team Games - Silver MP's
Mon - November 13th - Eight Is Enough Swiss - 7:00 PM
Mon - November 13th - Non-Life Master Swiss - 7:00 PM
Tues - November 14th - Non-Life Master Swiss - 10:30 AM
Tues - November 14th - 1499'er Swiss - 10:30 AM
Tues - November 14th - Open Swiss - 10:30 AM
Wed - November 15th - Open Swiss - 6:45 PM
Thurs - November 16th - 1499'er Swiss - 10:30 AM
- November 16th - Open Swiss - 10:30 AM
Fri - November 17th - 999'er Swiss - 9:30 AM

November Silver Board-A-Match Team Games - Silver MP's
Saturday - November 18th - 1999'er B-A-M - 9:30 AM
Saturday - November 18th - Open B-A-M - 1:00 PM

November STaC Swiss Teams (Silver MP's) November 13th - 17th
December STaC Swiss Teams (Silver MP's) December 4th - 9th
January STaC Swiss Teams (Silver MP's) January 15th - 20th

New Bridge Website -

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ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge

SUDOKU!! - Click here to solve the daily sudoku problem

Saturday, January 27th:
Birthday/Awards Party
Dinner - 4:30 PM; Game - 5:00 PM

Mondays @ Noon - Winners' Open Stratified Pairs Game - First Overall in Strats A, B & C play free the rest of the week in all our club games! (Strat A - 2500+, Strat B - 1100-2500, Strat C - 0-1100) (Strats may be adjusted slightly each week)

Monday Nights are Mentor/Mentee games, or "our Mentor/Mentee Night!" - We are now recruiting mentors! Please click here to signup!

Saturday, January 27th: Birthday/Awards Party celebration with a Charity game. Award winners and those with November, December & January Birthdays play for FREE!

FRIDAY NIGHTS - Pot Luck Night - 6:30 PM. Game - 7:00 PM - Great Social Nite. Entry Fee is only $7.00 if you bring a food or beverage dish to share.

AARP Article on the Benefits of Playing Bridge

18 Reasons Why Wall Street Loves Bridge

Bridge Resurgence - Keeping Players Sharp and Creative
Minnesota newspaper article indicating contract bridge is experiencing a resurgence amid research that playing the card game not only may make kids smarter, but keeps players smarter longer.Turning Tricks
The New Yorker magazine reviews bridge and the book, The Backwash Squeeze.

Forget Poker, Bridge Has Its Suitors Too
Chicago Tribune
article about bridge. Billionaires bank on bridge to trump poker.
What Bill Gates & Warren Buffet say about the game of Bridge.Can Brain Simulated Games Help Slow Down Aging?
Bridge and How the game eases aging.

"8 Reasons to Play Bridge by Pamela Granovetter"
A bridge expert discusses reasons to play bridge.

Playing Bridge exercises your mind and may help prevent Alzheimer's Disease
A bridge expert discusses reasons to play bridge.

Playing Bridge enhances your immune system
Benefits to the soul by playing bridge.

"Seniors Play Bridge to Keep Their Minds Sharp"
Seniors play bridge to exercise their mind.

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